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Well, it's been a few weeks -

Our home buying project is snagged on the fact that the seller just backed out.  GRRR.  They were trying to buy a new place themselves, but couldn't get approved by the condo association at their new place.

RIght now, I think we're gonna rent for another couple of years until I have my Masters degree, which will let us save up a down payment, and my salary will go up a bunch.

life is insanely busy, but we're doing pretty well.  We are both fighting little colds, but nothing severe at all, so we are healthy, generally happy, and "it's all good."


Well, I don't have a lot of time, because I have to head to work... BUT...

I'm studying trombone again, with David Finlayson of the NY Phil - I'm SO excited to resume... it has been a LONG time, so it's a bit nerve wracking, but it's also REALLY cool to be doing something for me.

Our process to buy that house is still coming along.  We had an inspection done, and found a few things we want fixed.  The sellers agreed to credit us for all of them, which is cool.  It was appraised yesterday, so I'm anxiously awaiting the report on that to make sure we're in good shape there.

School is going fine, Lex is loving college life again - it's a good time :)

Well, like I said, not much time - gotta get dressed and head up the road.    

september is almost over....

wow I seriously cant believe it.  Fall is in full swing...or at least by the calendar it is... not by the temperatures.  It has been like 90 degrees how crazy.  It was like this in North Carolina but here crazy.  School has been busy.  I made the orchestra which I cant really remember if I blogged about here or not.  Its fun, and its nice to play.  Sometimes I get really frustrated because of stupid politics with my major and stuff but ultimately music history is better for me 100%.  I have a lesson tomorrow.  I really have been practicing my ass off and I feel like I'm not fully prepared.  I have been playing so much my chops have been so fatigued.  Really fighting between improving and sounding like I just picked up my horn again.  I'll progress I'm  just being too hard on myself.  What else is new right? 

I have 2 concerts this weekend...one on friday one on Sunday.  I'm a little bummed.  I really thought my dad was going to come hear me play sunday but it turns out they invited my brother and sister in law over for dinner so he cant go.  When I went back to music school one of the things I was really excited about was having my dad be able to hear me play again.  He was always the one showing up to my lame festivals and concerts left a right....driving my butt to lessons etc etc.  It doesnt matter really.  Hopefully I'll keep making orchestra and when I'm playing better parts and such he can come hear.  If not, at least Mark will be there Sunday.  Friday will be the first concert (other than marine corps crap) in my life that I wont have anyone there listening to me.  Talk about weird.  I know that sounds completely odd but there is always SOMEONE at my concerts...i.e. Mark.   He has a football game so naturally he cant be there.  Its up in Reading so I'm not inviting anyone to come hear me all the way up there.  Hopefully if I make orchestra in the spring people can come to the Kimmel concert or Carnegie hall.  That would be sweet.  I have to focus on having a rocking Fall jury though first!

I've made a couple of buddies up at school but no really good friends yet.  Kinda hard being a commuter.  Maybe in time i'll get in with the brass players who are older and we just go practice and have a few beers or something.  Its hard because I'm not in any chamber ensembles which is really where you make friends.  I really like the people I have met so far so we'll see.  I really miss my Art Institute buddies but I have the cell of my old buddy Lewis which is awesome.  I think we are going to meet up and do some life drawing eventually together.  Maybe I'll arrange something where I'll bring my horn in so they can draw a model with a horn and then I'll play a solo for them or something.  I really should start my rendered drawings again.  I dont really have much time.  Horn and german have become my hobbies.  I feel like I am more of a german major than a music major!  Its cool though because I really am liking it a lot. 

Today our offer on a house in ambler was accepted.  Thats pretty exciting.  I think our loan is going through no problems too which is awesome.  I'm going to have to teach a butt load of lessons horn and prob piano and get a weekend job but thats ok.  We'll make it work and life will be good.  Maybe eventually I can start gigging at night.  Maybe in like 3 years hah!  Anywho...I'm really excited about this.  We got a great deal on it and its in the town we absolutely love.  Good stuff.  It will prob end up being even better than the other houses we SERIOUSLY loved but were just too expensive. 

We bought (ordered and just recieved) a case of Weihenstephaner Dunkle weiß which is so yummy.  I'm having one now.  I'm almost tempted to drink 2 because I havent had one in ages hah!  I didnt sleep well last night so I'm almost tempted.  I just finished writing a lame paper for my IH class.  Its almost embarassing to call my paper but I dont care so whatever. Its meets the criteria but its really not eloquant or in my style more like a "fact fact fact" style.  Once again...whatever. 

Part of me wants to pop in my practice mute and do some kopprasche and part of me is telling me i'm an idiot and need to chill.  I think I'll just chill because I would really like to be asleep at least by 1 am tonight.  much earlier ideally. 

Alright well I hope all of you reading this are well.  Enjoy the rest of your september!
Cool personal victories in horn studio today. Ill write more when im not on the cell. I celebrated w. Hot pretzles and cheese!

playing, concert, old friends

So lately I have been playing again.  It has been a wonderful thing!  I'm starting to actually sound half-decent.  I am going to get Matt Vaughn's phone number, and talk to him about getting a lesson occasionally.  I can't afford, nor do I practice enough to warrant a lesson every single week; but maybe once a month, I can get some professional feedback on my tone, musical things, etc.

I have a meeting today with our Assistant Superintendent about some other things, and I'm going to see if there is any possibility of getting out early on Tuesdays & Thursdays next year.  If there is, I might try to audition in as a grad student in trombone performance. 

Lex & I are both teaching privately, which will help the bank account a bit.  We're also going to have a large brass ensemble at school, and the Principal Trumpet from Temple is coming up to teach the trumpet players.  We should look into some trumpet ensemble pieces, too.

This Sunday, we're going to our first orchestra concert in AGES.  well... technically next sunday... the 23rd.  We're going to hear Rite of Spring, and Tchaik 1.  It has been far too long.  Then, we're going to enjoy a dinner out at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  No, we're not splurging like crazy; we got a gift certificate from a band director that we helped out in the summer.

Yesterday I went to Temple and saw one of my best friends from back in college.  I also saw a former professor of mine... it was extremely nice to see friendly faces from the past.  We are all older, hopefully wiser, and definitely still very much the same :)

Alright, it's time for me to head off to work.

its been forever

Well yeah fall has truly started so the entries have really slacked off.  I want to keep this up because....well I do hah.  First of... Today is September 11.  I cant believe it has been 6 years.  Crazy; like a different lifetime ago.  They are playing the memorial service in Makefield today that I guess they always do.  I played that first one.  I hated it at the time.  It was raining, I was wet, COLD, and not happy to have to be out there playing.  Looking back on it I feel really bad that I was like that.  I guess we all have a little foreshadowing and irony in our lives that you can look back on and think " at least I grew up and changed "   ( semper fi )

So stuff at Temple has been going awesome.  I made orchestra which rocks.  I have rehearsal today @ 1 so I eventually have to pretend like I'm going to go get myself together to catch the train.  Its raining so my motivation for that is like negative 3.  I'm studying horn with Dan Williams of the Philly orchestra.  I only had one lesson with him because he is on vacation but I think it will work out awesome.  I have enough knowledge in my head from one school of playing, and now I get 4 years of something else.  I've also made buddies with a Grad student who studied with Marks old school buddy, (and the guy who fixed my emboucher when I was JUST STARTING), Mike Thorton.  So I think these next 4 or so years will really be quite the range of information and experience.  I am really enjoying myself playing too.  I purchased a new mouthpiece and it feels light years better than the MDC I was using.  Its a Laskey 80G.  Hopefully it continues to work out great.  It allows me to push so much more air which is great.  Now only if I had that Hill horn.... hahah jk.

Music history is fun.  Go figure.  I love the Medieval and Ren. stuff.  They really cut that stuff short though which is sad.  I have my quiz on it tomorrow and then thats all.  Booo.  No matter really, that will prob be the periods I end up specializing on for my masters anyway. (who knows if it will be in art history, music history, history, anthropology, etc.)  For right now my main focus is German.  Its hard but once I get it I feel like I actually accomplished something which is good.  I have a chapter one test for that Friday.  I guess that will tell me how I'm doing studying wise.  I have to take 4 semisters of it and one more class gets me a German language certificate so may as well try to enjoy it while I go through the process. 

--- ugh side note.  I made myself some coffee.  The creamer was dated sept 8.  So i smelled and tasted it and it was fine.  I guess it wasnt, my stomach now hates me

Ok anyway.  Mark and I got new phones.  He got a palm pilot phone which has windows on it, its INSANE.  I just got the run of the mill free phone because I hardly use it.  I set it up to txt to this journal though which is cool. 

Tonight I'm teaching my first horn lesson.  That will be cool.  Hopefully if I can pick up a few students I wont have to work to many hours at a real job.  That would be sweet.  We are still searching for a house.  We are scheduled to see a few more tonight.  We have an offer in on a house we really like in Lansdale but he's taking forever to get back to us. 

Well I guess I really should start thinking about getting myself together.  /sigh   haha


We placed an offer on a house last night... Hopefully he'll take the offer.  If so, it's a great deal.  If not, we have a little wiggle room to increase our offer... we'll see how it goes... hopefully this can get going and we can get our mortgage finalized, and get to settlement and get out of this apartment... HOPEFULLY!

the new Mustang

So, I was going to upload pictures of our beautiful new car, but now I might upload the pictures of the crashed up mess if I can bring myself to it.  Some stupid woman drove her car around the corner, and oopsies... hit the gas instead of the brake.  She plowed into the car, propelled it up over the curb, and smashed the hell out of it.  There isn't a single panel on the car that is flush the way it should be, including on the opposite side from the collision....


I'm ready for life to run smoothly for an extended period of time. 

This two steps ahead, 1 step back thing is getting OLD.


wow....its been a while

well i must say a lot has changed this august.  Mark and I are pre approved for a mortgage  which means we are house hunting.  I also start back at Temple in 2 days.  I really cant believe it.    On both accounts.  YAY!  I really dont have much to say because its late and I want another fullers but I think I'm going to really try to keep this blog as current as possible.  I think I may look into nature photography or something we'll see.

Hope your summer was everything you wished for




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